Founded by Alison Ross and Ian Benton, an Anglo-American couple who fell in love with France and Paris, La Chambre Paris is a brand of high-end linen sold online combining great quality and affordable prices, eco-friendly trade and French chic:

Our mission

La Chambre entrusted us with the creation of their global branding.  We worked closely with the founders on storytelling, visual identity, web design, art direction and photos to position the brand in a competitive e-commerce market.

• Positioning
• Creation of the visual and graphic universe
• Naming, brand platform
• Logo, visual identity
• Print and digital
• Packaging
• Customer experience
Photo & art direction
• Photo production
• E-shop design

French fervor, traditional, intimate, nostalgic


Visual identity

We drew our inspiration from French traditional white linen with its  characteristic red line. The double red line is used as a leitmotif on in the entire visual identity of the brand.

The art of the e-shop


Art direction and design of the e-shop

Create envy, and leave the sanitized aspects related to the constraints of e-commerce.  We have given much attention to the images of atmosphere and the graphic territory of the brand while responding to the constraints of e-commerce.

Simplicity and sophisticated nonchalance


Photography & art direction

We have taken particular care in the design and production of photos to translate the quality and feel of the textile on screen, to meet the constraints of the e-shop and show the intrinsic qualities of the products and the positioning top of the line.

A sober and warm aesthetic

The art of presenting products

Attention to detail and small touches


The customer experience

As La Chambre is a brand exclusively sold online, Alison and Ian attach great importance to the quality of the packaging and the presentation of the products when receiving the purchases.

Each communication medium is a vector of marketing


Corporate Communication and Stationery

Delicacy and the »magic touch”

Thank you Alison & Ian